Best of reviews from the Private Hell album to now…

« The icing on the cake as Apoptose is a stellar release. Exciting, interesting and challenging. »
– GBHBL Magazine | US (2022) –


So gelangen wir zu den Anspieltipps, welche noch zum soeben Genannten als «Hear Us», «Crawling Chaos», «The Hiding» und letztlich «Grind Me», welches zusammen mit Julien Truchan von Benighted eingespielt worden und der wohl deathigste Track geworden ist. Eine sehr interessante, hervorragende Combo aus heimischen Gefilden, welche die Banner zu «Apoptose» stolz im Winde aufrecht flattern lassen kann.
Rating: 8.7/10
– Metalfactory | CH (2022) –


Album opener ‘Kotlas Connection’ is a knuckle dragging doom laden crawl crossed with mild mannered death metal vocals. The slumber with which ‘Kotlas Connection’ moves is so heavy and slow it’s like an anticipation fuelled long wind up that leads into the energetic and pulsating ‘Rabid Dog’. More like the bands root sound ‘Rabid Dog’ is a fierce fury of traditional heavy metal mixed with death and doom. And the throaty growled vocals feature so much menace they’re quite scary!
Rating: 9/10
– Metal Gods TV | UK (2022) –


Science of Disorder - Apoptose (2022) - Review | RockmusicRaider


« That earlier mention of Scandinavian sound is not without merit, too, especially when you consider “Crawling Chaos” – an AMON AMARTH song by another band. That intro riff, from the note choice to the production, just needs the addition of Johan Hegg’s gutturals and you will be reaching for a broadsword in no time. »
– Metal Rules | (2022) –


« Des Rêves Noirs is again proof supreme that the French language just fits when it comes to slaking your darkest urges. This one’s so older-style Rotting Christ, we just had to get it on endless replay for a while over here. Or take the strange case of Grind Me, an unusual brand of Deathcore, brutally – well – grinding Jérôme Thomas‘ shouted vocals into a puddle by guesting Julien Truchan of Benighted.. »
– Rock Music Raider | US (2022) –



« Sickness sounds like a hymn. The ideal track to circle the heads and let the hair fly. The first pattern makes the tracks very catchy. The bellowed lines of text encourage you to scream »
– Eventreport | Germany (2018) –


« With this album « Private Hell », Science of Disorder spent 11 weeks in the official German Rock-Metal charts and 3 weeks in the Belgian Metal Charts » | Belgium

« I think the singer in this Swizz band reminds me a little of a young and angry Dee Snider (Twisted Sister). very powerful music, but also melodic once in a while »
Hard Rock Info | Sweden

« This is a band that  they impressed me. Not having any exceptations, I did not know what to except from it but the music on this album is really good. »
Battle Helm | Sweden

– Hard Rock Info | Sweden (2019) –

« La recherche d’impact maximal ne prime jamais sur l’inventivité des compos, le tout servi par un son puissant de chaque instrument. Mention spéciale au chanteur Jérome qui me fait rappeler un certain LG Petrov (Entombed AD) – une dose massive de testostérone qui prouve que Lausanne bouge encore ! »
Daily Rock | Switzerland

« I saw this band live more than half a year ago and I was stunned. I remember asking myself back then – Why aren’t they more popular !?!? »
Rocktatoo | Switzerland

« Just like canon fire, Science of Disorder are loud and destructive. Their music pounding heavily, as it marches on mercilessly. The song ‘Light Bearer’ is mid tempo heaviness at its most heavy, a brutal foot stomp of menace and intimidation »
Frenzy Fire | UK


« Science of Disorder’s Private Hell is a surprising high-quality album. This albums contains versatile and addictive metal sounds with depth and gloom for those want it »

Kaaoszine | Finland