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New album « Apoptose » 
16th Sep 2022


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New album APOPTOSE – 16th Sep 2022 – 


After working hard, killing covid waves and change the line-up, SCIENCE OF DISORDER will release it’s new album Apoptose on September 16th 2022.

Co-produced by Kris Norris (USA – also known as ex-guitarist of Darkest Hour, Scar The Martyr), the album is getting more heavy, dark, tortured and promises to take the listener back to the roots of old school Scandinavian metal.

The swedish sound is once again the result of the mix and mastering of the talented producer Drop (also known of guitarist of Samael and father of the legend band Sybreed) at Downtone Studios, Switzerland

We’re also extremely proud and honoured to present our cover, which is done by the magical Seth (Septicflesh and also known for his work of many bands) and we’re also honoured to work with the Art Agency FOG Artistics for all our content creation (pictures, videoclip, ..)

Finally, a big thank to our label Black Market Music, which is in charge to promote it and manage all the digital distribution.



SCIENCE OF DISORDER is Swiss metal band formed in 2011 from the ashes of trash metal band Soulless. The band’s music is a mix between old school metal and heavy Swedish sound.

In 2012, the band released their debut album « Heart, Blood and Tears… » featuring Kevin Talley (Misery Index, Suffocation, Daath, Chimaira) as session drummer and mastered by Tue Madsen in Denmark.

The same year, the band opened for Megadeth at Les Docks in Lausanne and for Entombed during a 5 days tour across France and Switzerland. Unfortunately, the sudden death of lead singer Chris shorty after the release of the album forced the band to go in indefinite hiatus until 2017 and the arrival of new vocalist Jérôme.

In May 2018 SoD released their second album Private Hell, recorded, mixed and mastered by Drop in Geneva (Switzerland). To support the release, SoD headlined a 2-weeks tour in Russia and opened in 2019 for Septicflesh, Krisiun, Diabolical during their Codex Tour in Eastern Europe and for Bullet For My Valentine at PTR in Geneva.

During the covid/lockdown period, the band changed his line-up with a new drummer (Theo) and a new bassist (Greg Whooper). Moreover, the album « Apoptose », co-produced by Kris Norris and Drop will release on 16th Sep 2022 under the label Black Market Music.




« Sickness sounds like a hymn. The ideal track to circle the heads and let the hair fly. The first pattern makes the tracks very catchy. The bellowed lines of text encourage you to scream »
– Eventreport | Germany (2018) –


« With this album « Private Hell », Science of Disorder spent 11 weeks in the official German Rock-Metal charts and 3 weeks in the Belgian Metal Charts »
Musicinbelgium.net | Belgium

« I think the singer in this Swizz band reminds me a little of a young and angry Dee Snider (Twisted Sister). very powerful music, but also melodic once in a while »
Hard Rock Info | Sweden

« This is a band that  they impressed me. Not having any exceptations, I did not know what to except from it but the music on this album is really good. »
Battle Helm | Sweden

– Hard Rock Info | Sweden (2019) –

« La recherche d’impact maximal ne prime jamais sur l’inventivité des compos, le tout servi par un son puissant de chaque instrument. Mention spéciale au chanteur Jérome qui me fait rappeler un certain LG Petrov (Entombed AD) – une dose massive de testostérone qui prouve que Lausanne bouge encore ! »
Daily Rock | Switzerland

« I saw this band live more than half a year ago and I was stunned. I remember asking myself back then – Why aren’t they more popular !?!? »
Rocktatoo | Switzerland

« Just like canon fire, Science of Disorder are loud and destructive. Their music pounding heavily, as it marches on mercilessly. The song ‘Light Bearer’ is mid tempo heaviness at its most heavy, a brutal foot stomp of menace and intimidation »
Frenzy Fire | UK


« Science of Disorder’s Private Hell is a surprising high-quality album. This albums contains versatile and addictive metal sounds with depth and gloom for those want it »

Kaaoszine | Finland


SCIENCE OF DISORDER is currently composed by the following members