Thanks for your support 2019 !!!

Playing live for the swiss radio/television COULEUR3 (Studio 15) with CARDIAC & CELLAR DARLING was the first highlight of this year for us.
We would like to thanks the radio, television and organizers (spec. DUJA) but also all our people who seen us.
More pictures are available in our official Instagram page.

The second incredible period was of course to be part of the Codex Omega Tour led by SEPTICFLESH, KRISIUN and DIABOLICAL.
From Romania to Poland, we met some new friends, great and professional people.
Thanks to TBOU (Vincent Dévaud), Lily our Tour Manager (Access Live), bookers, organizers and all people who work very hard on each venue. Everything was perfect and we’ll be back for sure in these countries.
Thanks also to CANTON DE VAUD, FONDATION SUISA for the help!

Finally, we would like to mention the third great moment of our year, the first part of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE in Switzerland. Many thanks to Nav & PTR Usine to offer to the public and local scene, the opportunity to book these kind of bands. Hope the best for the future and congratz for your work guy.

Thanks also to our roadies, photographers, cameraman, drivers, managers, technicians
SEBASTIEN PITTET to be part of our story as bass player, and VALENTIN “YETI” to be now in the adventure with us!
Endorsements and artists supports TAMA DRUMS, ZILDJIAN, SOLAR GUITARS (Tnx DaveDavid the best one)
Last but not least, we would like to thank YOU for your incredible support during this project “Private Hell”.

Now, we’re working hard to create a new monster in 2020 – Stay tuned through our social platforms !!

…our social media platforms.