Date Event Infos
15.09.2017 Manoir pub, St.Maurice (VS) w/Defender
23.09.2017 Caves du Manoir, Martigny (VS) w/Voice of Ruin
03.11.2017 Champmeslé, Carouge (GE) w/ The Erkonauts


Date Event Infos
22.03.2014  Kulturwerk 118, Sursee – Luzern with CONTORSION
25.05.2013  Ferme Marignac, Grand-Lancy
19.01.2013  Ebullition, Bulle with ARKHAN, TRAILER PARK MASSACRE
04.11.2012  Salle du Kao, Lyon with ENTOMBED
03.11.2012  L’Usine, Genève with ENTOMBED, Sludge & Arkhan
02.11.2012  L’Autre Canal, Nancy with ENTOMBED, Phazm
01.11.2012  Caves du Manoir, Martigny with ENTOMBED
31.10.2012  ISC, Bern with ENTOMBED
22.06.2012  Les Docks, Lausanne with MEGADETH
25.05.2012  Graffiti, Bern with Britney, Kerry and the Layzers
05.05.2012  Sunset, Martigny with Unfold
03.03.2012  Caves du Manoir, Martigny with ROTTEN SOUND
22.12.2011  Base Bar, Lausanne Official release party of Heart, Blood and Tears…
17.12.2011  Moshpit – Naters, VS with Far Beyond Driven
05.11.2011  Le Locle, NE with Mumakil, Arkhan
09.09.2011  Huttikon, ZH Meshuff Festival with GORGOROTH, MARDUK, VITAL REMAINS, …
01.07.2011  Bad Bonn, Düdingen with PRO PAIN
13.06.2011  Schüür, Luzern with TIMES OF GRACE
22.04.2011  Ebullition, Bulle with Far Beyond Driven, Absorbed
14.02.2011  Undertown, Meyrin with IN-QUEST, Voice the ruin
02.10.2010  Pont Rouge, Monthey< with Absorbed
01.10.2010  Metal Assault Festival, Lausanne with SAMAEL
19.08.2010  Mountains of Death Festival with ORIGIN, NECROPHAGIST, DYING FETUS, SUFFOCATION, LIVIDITY
03.04.2009  L’Usine, Genève Transit Festival with BENIGHTED, DESTINITY
15.03.2009  Ebullition, Bulle with Arkhan, Bloodtaste
14.03.2009  Les Prisons, Moudon with TEXTURES
24.01.2009  Nouveau Monde, Fribourg with Near Death Condition, Progzik
27.12.2008  Kulturwerk 118, Sursee Hellvetia Days (MDHF) 2008
06.11.2008  Yukon, Fully with DARKANE
10.10.2008  Transilvania, Ersfeld with SADUS
26.08.2008  Les Docks, Lausanne with DAGOBA
20.05.2008  Caves du Manoir, Martigny with CEPHALIC CARNAGE, HATE ETERNAL
12.04.2008  Aigle, Vaud Knoeck birthday
31.03.2008  Manoir Pub, St.Maurice with Kandyss
03.03.1998  Bergières, Lausanne with PMT, Mesmerized, Rise up
22.10.1997  Zenith, Dijon Metal Fest
18.06.1997  Centre de Loisirs, Bussigny Adozik Festivak
21.05.1997  Bergières, Lausanne Regional Rock