Dude, that’s oldermetal ?!
oldern is old yet new at the same time
it so new yet its so old {oldern}
oldern is the new old!

Why a new style defined ?
In our Metal terminology, it’s so difficult to define our style.
“old-school driven compos”, “gothic vocals”, “swedish nineties sound”, “jazzy 50s and djent drums pattern”, …

We are just musiciens since more than 20 years now and we just appreciate several kind of musics, each period has a kind of hidden glory and we can define us as old-school band with many influences.

It’s a mix with words “old” and “modern”. Metal is the roots, vocals are maybe the most relevant point to define a band as “oldern metal”. The approach is an heritage of eighties vocals like gothic and new wave sounds. God! We can use it in SCIENCE OF DISORDER, that’s maybe the different between us and the others.
Steph is really influenced by swedish dirty sounds, dirty and scandivanian, Pelthor like melodic and acoustic stuffs and Baptiste is a musical encylopedia “Bazmapedia”. Depends which pills he has eaten for his breakfast, his brain can says “Bazma, today you’ll listen Balkan Music with few blasts. Evil”