New lyrics videos online

Hello World, Just few words to present 3 lyrics video made by the croatian film director David Bagaric (Morbid Vision Film), who has done a great job. Thanks man! Light Bearer : Half A Life : Kingdom Comes : Listen our “Private Hell” album is nice, screaming the lyrics is better. #scienceofdisorder […]


#OLDERN #BASTARD #METAL Dude, that’s oldermetal ?! oldern is old yet new at the same time it so new yet its so old {oldern} oldern is the new old! Why a new style defined ? In our Metal terminology, it’s so difficult to define our style. “old-school driven compos”, “gothic vocals”, “swedish nineties sound”, “jazzy […]

New pictogram

We’re pleased to present you our new pictogram which will be use during the Private Hell project ! Special thanks to Daiian W. for the Design. This pictogram is a sweet mix between the total CHAOS and the science, which is a main part of our religion…