SCIENCE OF DISORDER is playing on SOLAR Guitars !!

SCIENCE OF DISORDER is extremely proud to announce the addition of both guitarists Stéphane Grand and Mein Lord Pelthor being SOLAR GUITARS Artists !! Steph uses the limited edition (A1.6 ARTIST LTD) black and says: “I looked for a guitar which is made in Hell and sounds like Heaven, I think I found it” Pelthor uses the bloody red […]

New lyrics videos online

Hello World, Just few words to present 3 lyrics video made by the croatian film director David Bagaric (Morbid Vision Film), who has done a great job. Thanks man! Light Bearer : Half A Life : Kingdom Comes : Listen our “Private Hell” album is nice, screaming the lyrics is better. #scienceofdisorder […]


#OLDERN #BASTARD #METAL Dude, that’s oldermetal ?! oldern is old yet new at the same time it so new yet its so old {oldern} oldern is the new old! Why a new style defined ? In our Metal terminology, it’s so difficult to define our style. “old-school driven compos”, “gothic vocals”, “swedish nineties sound”, “jazzy […]