Biography and story

Science of Disorder 2017

SCIENCE OF DISORDER is a Swiss metal band from Lausanne, formed on the roots of the band Soulless during the golden age period of Trash/Death Metal bands. After recoreded 2 EPs and 2 albums under the name Soulless («Lost Hopes», «Life Exctinction», «New Era» and «In The Maze of Darkness») the band changed his name to SCIENCE OF DISORDER in 2010 and recorded the album « Heart, Blood and Tears », recorded in the US by Orlando Villesanor and with drummer’s legend Kevin Talley (Daath, Chimaira, Dying Fetus, Suffocation, …) and mastered by Tue Madsen in Denmark.

SCIENCE OF DISORDER has shared the stage with many great bands like SADUS, NECROPHAGIST, DYING FETUS, SAMAEL, MEGADETH, DAGOBA, ENTOMBED and many others.

In May 2018, the band released the album “Private Hell”, recorded by Drop (Sybreed, Samael) in Geneva and produced by the german label FASTBALL MUSIC/BOB-MEDIA in collaboration with the swiss label BLACK MARKET MUSIC. This album has a digital worlwide distribution through BELIEVEDIGITAL and and a global distribution through SOULFOOD (Europe), ROCK INC. (Benelux), NON STOP MUSIC (Switzerland).

The band is currently composed by Jérome Thomas (Vocals), known to have the possibility to mix goth/cleans voices and more aggressive screams, Stéphane Grand & Lord Pelthor (Guitars) and Baptiste Maier (Drums). The bass player is currently not defined and the band uses some bass session players to play on stage.